1. Each contestant will submit a video for a specific category following the category-specific rules defined below, using the form available on this website.
  2. Videos will have to be uploaded to YouTube and will be shared with us through a link to be included on the participant form.
  3. Multiple entries on the same category from the same contestant, is allowed.
  4. One contestant may participate in multiple categories (with different videos), and may win in more than one category. 
  5. Videos should be created specifically for this contest: videos previously uploaded (or re-uploaded) to YouTube will not be considered. 
  6. All videos should include the contest logo throughout the video (Download image here)
  7. Videos which break copyright laws whether through content or music will be disqualified.
  8. Videos must follow Tibia’s rules: no use or encouragement to use illegal tools, no mention or showing of OTs, etc.
  9. Videos should be family friendly. Those containing language or images that are rude, violent, etc. will be disqualified.
  10. Videos can be in any language, but should contain subtitles in English if they are in a different language (YouTube subtitle function is the easiest way to do this)
  11. Fansite staff members may participate in the contest, but may not participate in the category belonging to the fansite where they are a member of the staff.
  12. By submitting a video to this contest you allow Tibia Fansites to use it on related pages and social media.
  13. Additional effects (like texts, highlights, arrows, etc.) and text may be used to help the content of the video


1. Vocation guide: Submit a short guide specific to one of the four vocations. You can talk about strategies, equipment, pros and cons of it, or anything of a helpful nature.

                           a) Each video must be specific to one vocation.

                           b) Each video must be at least 5 minutes long, but not go over 10 minutes in length.

                           c) It should address one or more of the following questions, or similar relevant ones:

                                     I. Why should a player select that vocation? (What is good and what is bad about it)

                                     II. How does that vocation work?

                                     III. Tips and tricks for that vocation

                                     VI. Equipment progression for that vocation

                                     V. Best available equipment for that vocation

2. Romance and drama: Participants must submit a video telling a Tibia love story. It should display a good narrative of a Tibian romance (for example: something that involves a big wedding party or a romantic drama.

                           a) Videos should be at least 5 minutes long, but shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes.

3. RPG Adventure Participants must submit a video telling a story inside Tibia with an RPG mindset. It should display a nice narrative of a Tibian adventure (for example: describing the time when you killed your first dragon, or telling the story of a memorable hunt, etc) with cool in-game footage.

                           a) Videos should be at least 4 minutes long, but no more than 8 minutes long.

4.Quest walkthrough or guide: create an easy to understand guide for a Tibia quest.

                           a) One video should guide through one quest only!

5. Comedy and funny: create a funny clip in Tibia that will make everyone laugh in taverns all around the land

                           a) Videos will be especially judged in humor, creativity and Tibia content

                           b) Videos should be 2 to 3 minutes long.

                           c) Footage from Tibia and real life are accepted.

                           d) Videos must contain Tibian elements.

6. Boss strategy Participants must submit an educational video accurately showing a certain boss battle’s mechanics and the strategies that can be used to defeat the related boss monster(s). Bosses with complex mechanics such as some Raid Bosses (e.g The Welter and Zuhuka) as well as Lever Bosses will stand out more.

                           a) It should accurately explain how to get to/find the boss (including required quests).

                           b) Important details should be highlighted either graphically or through spoken word.

                           c) Music must match the theme.

                           d) Speech should be in an understandable level of English (other languages accepted if subtitles are used, but English is prefered)

                           e) Video length should not exceed 15 minutes.

7. Bestiary hunt: Videos that can demonstrate efficiency in gaining bestiary kills, whilst being easy to understand, informative and fun to watch. 

                           a) Videos that are easy to understand and allow for a wide range of players to utilize them will stand out more.

                           b) Video length should not exceed 5 minutes.

8. Horror story: Tell us a horror story about some of the haunted places of tibia, it can be a legend, mystery,  or popular tale. You must recreate then this history in game.

                           a) You may only use Tibia footage.

                           b) Videos should be 3 minutes long.

9. RPG Storytelling: Choose an item, npc, monster and tell their story in an engaging  RPG style.

                           a) Videos should be at least 5min long and maximum 10 minutes long

10. TV News program: Create a video presenting Tibian “breaking news”.

                           a) You may record yourself presenting, or use your character image if you prefer.

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